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Tue, May. 6th, 2008, 10:03 pm

Hi everyone.
I am pretty down in the dumps about school lately. I hope you all don't mind if I vent for a minute or two.
I have always been a pretty decent writer, my speeds did not take long to attain until I started getting very anxious and nervous during testing. I completely freeze when my teacher is dictating tests to us now. I syke myself out the whole time, then get behind and lose it. I have no idea what brought this on except pressure I place on myself when I see other students who started after me passing me in speeds. (& of course people asking me WHEN ARE YOU GRADUATING?) My 2 year mark was up in the beginning of April and ever since then [and a little before] I am in a rut. Our teachers preach 4 hour nightly practice, but never once have I done that.
I am currently at 180 LIT, 200 JURY, and 200 Q&A with one test to go before I am in 225.

I guess I am just looking for any success stories you all have, or any words of advice and wisdom on what I can do to break through this mess and possibly see graduating in my future ;(

Fri, May. 9th, 2008 07:30 pm (UTC)

Okay, so, you sound pretty much EXACTLY like me! Well, except I don't *really* have the test anxiety so much anymore... although at times it feels like "Um, a stenograph? Is that what this thing is between my legs?" lol out of nowhere when I'm writing, but my instructors have told us time and again that they even still do that as working CRs.

But ANYWAY, I believe you are one test ahead of me (I need one more 180 Lit and I'm 200 Q&A and Jury, but I haven't passed any 200s yet) and uh, I've been in school for 3.5 years now. So PULEEZE! Get outta here w/ your two-year sob story!! ;p (Two years was initially my goal, too, ha.) I have a very similar problem w/ practicing, too. It's just reeeally hard to make the time sometimes, what w/ work and the gym and whatnot in addition to school all week, but ya gotta just fit it in there somehow in order to get over some of those humps. And yes, it is QUITE discouraging when chicks that are two years behind you are catching up and/or passing you. None of them have PASSED me yet (pshhhh! I'll be damned! >;p), but it's getting close w/ the 200s. And you know what, that's actually something that pushes me... knowing that I CANNOT let an amature show me up lol. That's just me though because I'm a competitive person.

Anyway, I could ramble on but hopefully some of whatever I just said has helped you. Just know that you are NOT ALONE. We CRs are few and far between, but we are out there. Silently cheering each other on. ;]