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Court Reporting

Because someone has to keep the record!

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This community was created for anyone with an interest in machine shorthand. Captioners, voicewriters, proofreaders, scopists, and any other person connected to or interested in the field is welcome to join.

Anyone who thinks learning stenography is easy, read the following about the Patron Saint of Court Reporters. School has always been hard, apparently!

Rome and Early Christianity

The shorthand of Tiro was much respected and in demand during the rise of early Christianity. "Pope Clement, in A.D. 196, divided Rome into seven districts and appointed a shorthand writer for each." Since accuracy of the record was important to the early Christian religious leaders, it was not unusual that Cyprian, the Bishop of Carthage, was instrumental in adding yet more symbols to improve on the record by creating "several thousand abbreviations to supplement Tiro's notes." These were religious in nature. All these additions, naturally, made learning shorthand more difficult.

Perhaps this discontent was what caused the early demise of Cassianus, former Bishop of Bescia, who established a school in which he taught shorthand. His students, apparently under stress, stabbed him to death with their styli. In 1952, Bishop Cassianus became the patron saint of court reporters. Redemption at last.